Saturday, October 17, 2009

and so we begin...

Working in the adoption world and being an adoptive parent myself, I thought it would be a helpful endeavor to create a forum to talk about the experience and just plain ol' share related thoughts and feelings about almost anything.  I want to share a great book that I am reading..."Hard to Place" by Marion Goldstein is one of those books that takes my breath away.  Alost everything does, if it is well-written (which this is) and pertaining to adoption and/or child loss.  Would love to hear about any recommendations for good adoption literature.

I've also been thinking a lot about the journey to adoption.  In my office, I have found many people wishing to grow a family, only to find that what is taken for granted among accomplished, hard-working people (they can have a baby whenever they want), is not always so simple.  Among people who are used to reaching almost any goal they set for themselves, the fact that they just don't seem to be able to get pregnant is a devastating awareness.  Not only because they want a child, but also because it challenges their self-esteem.  The next logical stage is to get on the fertility procedure treadmill.  This can offer an amazing opportunity for more people to succeed in pregnancy, but for many others it too, doesn't work.  For these people, the decision to stop is agonizing.  Adoption can offer hope and a wonderful opportunity to fulfill that life dream.  It takes moving through a process, though.  It takes the willingness and ability to give up the generation of one's own genetic material.  It takes coping with loss, with uncertainty and so many other issues.  It takes a big heart.  It takes patience.  But, in the end...there is hope.  And, there is family.


  1. Hey thanks Fran. I hope people can join in and create a little discussion forum. I'd love to hear any responses to the postings...agreement, disagreement, elaborations, whatever!