Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Workshops at APC Conference

I have been attending workshops lately.  Mainly about adoption, but last night I went to one on blogging!  I thought it would be stimulating to have some other people who might be interested in this topic, to blog here along with me.  Anyone who might be interested, let me know!

I want to encourage anyone reading this, to attend the APC conference on Sunday.  It is an annual event that occurs each November.  Many publishers of adoption-related books are there, many agencies are represented to give you information, and the main events are wonderful workshops.  To learn more here is the link again:

9th APC Adoption Conference Nov. 22, 2009

There are wonderful workshops on Parenting over the age of 40, on life cycle issues, medical issues, fetal alcohol effects.  There is assistance with understanding the home study, and there are adoptee experiences presented to tell another point of view.  Wonderful, knowledeable presenters are there in an intimate open setting.

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