Monday, August 22, 2011

Follow up with article on stillbirth by Jane Brody in NY Times

Wouldn't ya know that right after I published my post in Psychology Today (Rewriting Cinderella: From Infertility to Adoption | Psychology Today, found in my previous post in this blog), about my experience with infertility and adoption, there was an article by Jane Brody in the NY Times about the devastating experience of Stillbirths in the US!
Here's the link:

 Personal Health:  In Decline, Stillbirths Continue to Devastate 

It speaks to the same issues I raise in my post, but focuses on the stillbirth portion.  Way more women go through a stillbirth than anyone realizes.  In my experience, it is common to raise the subject and hear that in fact, the person to whom I am speaking either has gone through it herself, or knows someone who did.   One of the points that Ms. Brody speaks about is the prevalence and the taboo that remains with raising the topic and how it serves to exaggerate the trauma and loneliness.  My point is to bring it out into the open, so that those who are going through the experience, have an opportunity to put voice to their feelings and work through the wounds so that moving forward is possible.  It is only then that couples can see that it is possible to grow families after such a disruption; it is possible to try again, or even... adopt.

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