Thursday, September 30, 2010

November is Adoption Awareness Month

It's that time of year again...autumn.  Leaves will be ablaze with color and soon falling from their summer branches.  It also means that Adoption Awareness month is coming....November.  It's an exciting time in the adoption community, as many conferences and workshops are available to support each member of the community.  One wonderful event that is now in its 29th year is the "Let's Talk Adoption Conference" held at Rutgers University, put on by the Concerned Persons for Adoption (CPFA).  It is co-sponsored by Rutgers School of Social Work, Institute for Families and the New Jersey Interagency Adoption Council.  It will be held on Nov. 6, from 8am-4pm, at the Busch Campus in Piscataway.  This year Rita Taddonio, LCSW who is the Director of the Adoption Resource Center (ARC) at Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children in NYC, will be the keynote speaker.   There are additional workshops held that will address the interests of just about anyone who has any connection to adoption, from adopted children, parents, educators, birthparents, siblings, therapists....and those who are merely at the stage of considering adoption as a way to grow their family.  Check out the link above to find out more.  Alternatively, you can call them at 908-273-5694.


  1. Very useful information. I've heard that this is an enlightening & exciting annual event.

  2. Yes. It really is. This is one to attend!