Saturday, October 16, 2010

Video: Children Full of Life

I recently viewed a YouTube video called Children Full of Life.  It is a series of 5 clips about a teacher in a 4th grade classroom in Japan, who is able to teach compassion, in the way he runs his class.  It is tuly breathtaking and inspiring.  (Be sure to watch all 5) Here's the link:
Children Full of Life
I haven't seen the one on bullying, but it might be good too...
While it speaks to everyone, I am posting this here, because I feel it has so much relevance to the adoption community, in particular... This teacher is able to foster compassion, which is a component of belonging, attachment, bonding, isn't it?  If we can grasp what he is doing with this class, we can apply it to families.  He takes a group of children who are not yet a cohesive group, and turns them into a "family" with a sense of responsiblity to each other, a demand for kindness, support and respect and  He teaches them how to put words to their feelings, to express them, and in so doing, they experience being "known."  In the process, they must learn to listen and understand what they hear.  Not something we all do so easily, nor so often.  But isn't that a requirement to truly be in a relationship?!  Just wonderful to watch.  What do YOU think?

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